Meeting 2nd Feb 2012

This meeting focussed on the Topic:  Telling the story.
Present: Andrew, Millie, Bernard
We discussed activities that would continue to grow interest in the project and members of the network.

1.  Arrange to talk to the Rotary Club  – Andrew  We will do an updated version of the presentation.

2. Publicity around the Coriolanus.

Bernard – with help from the boys has been restoring this quarter scale Brigantine.  It has now had its new maiden voyage and participated in the Maharangi Regatta.

— Make press release – Millie & Bernard
— Talk to liz about a story in next month  – ask how photos turned out (Bernard)

3. Starting to collect trees

Since the presentation we have been told about various trees that might need to be cut down and would go to waste if they could not be recycled.  One of the goals of the project is to use timber naturally seasoned, grown and milled on the island.

Collecting wood is an important part of the project – we may use it for building or simply as an asset.

We have been potentially offered:

  • Japanese cedar – suitable for masts and spars.
  • Macrocarpa trees.

We will try to arrange to cut and move these trees by hand and sea rather than using trucks.   We will organise a debarking and logging party, drag down to the water and try to move to a location where they can be seasoned for a year or more.