Thoughts from Bernard

Hi All,
Further to Andrew’s proposal that we should eventually split into 2 groups, one to own and operate the vessel(s) and one to administer bookings of cargo and trainees / passengers – My thinking is that it should really be 3 groups, to include a local, sustainably focused boatbuilding industry.

If we’re going to need a resource consent to build a ship near the sea, and to comply with OSH regulations, and build a shed and so on, it makes more sense to do it properly so subsequent ships could be built. We might also consider investing in our own portable saw mill! There is a ready market for naturally seasoned timber.
Another possible factor is that the proposed marina at Matiatia has no space for haul-out facilities… And the Boating Club launching ramp is limited to 10 tonnes. Maybe some marina berth-holders would like to suport a maintenance facility on the Island, we should talk to Graham Guthrie about this..

I would avoid a Travel-lift for hauling boats, which is ugly and energy-intensive, in favour of a floating dock that can use the tides to fill and empty it, possibly connected to a marine railway on the beach.

These thoughts are in response to Millie’s desire to see sustainable meaningful jobs on the island. A separate Business Plan would be needed, I think it would show it could work as a not-for-profit Trust, but doubt it could pay dividends on investment, at least in the near future.


I’ve had 3 approaches offering trees, macrocarpa and pine, all on challenging sites. The one in Enclosure Bay turned out to be Japanese Cedar, straight and tall, could be excellent for masts and spars. I met the owners, Brett and Monique Thom, they are felling them themselves, working on weekends, and would be happy to see them put to a good cause rather than wasted. A working party of about 6 strong men or 10 smaller people could skid them over the edge and down the steep slope to the beach, from where they could be towed round to Putiki Bay.

There are also several huge macrocarpas on the property which they want to thin out and eventually remove while protecting the slope from erosion, some beautiful boatbuilding timber there if we could find ways of getting it out… We’ve agreed to keep in touch.