You are Cordially Invited on a Trading Trip to Panmure

When:  Monday 16th April
Where:  Meet end Wharf Rd, 9:30 am
Purpose:  To sail to Panmure Wharf, have a look around and take delivery of a shipment of food back to the Island.
Details:  Bring lunch or or eat in Panmure. Tea and Coffee on board.
Limit:  20 People – Please RSVP to
Koha:  Donation for expenses appreciated.

On Monday 16th April Waiheke Working Sail will be holding its first trial trading run to Panmure Wharf.  We will be learning about the experience of sailing in the Gulf, timing to match tides and deliveries.

We will be picking up an order from the Ceres wholesale outlet which will be delivered to the Wharf at 1pm. That should give us time to look around, walk up to the shopping centre and see who’s there.

Back on Waiheke we will need volunteer transport to deliver the produce. If you have a car and are willing to help out please let us know.

This is an open invitation – please forward to anyone who might be interested.

RSVP by email to


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