Meeting Sun 29th April 2012


Review of project so far – Millie.

Goals build and operate a working sail craft for:

  • Low Energy Transport,
  • Sail training,
  • Boat-building and maintenance skills.

Preserving and maintaining traditional skills through genuine work.
Currently sail focuses on sport, luxury and hobby/restoraton
We are aiming to shift the focus back to working sail.

How did other groups do this?

  • Boat design and building skills
  • Sailing and navigation
  • Loading and Storage

Bernard: What we have learned that the cargo aspect is not really practical. economic, also meeting with deliveries.  There may still be specialist cargoes such as organic wine or others that need zero carbon.
Millie: first goal may be training but the cargo still the longer term purpose.
Bernard: any ship we get should be classified for carrying cargo – not just a passenger ship. – Not much extra – e.g. hatch, derrick etc.
Meanwhile focus should be on Sail training aspect and carrying passengers.  Had a good talk with R Tucker Thompson doing what we would want to do.  Only tall ship in the Bay of Islands.
They get 60 trainees a year – this might be a goal for us.
Their website is useful guide for us.

Review of Trip to Panmure.

Total cost of the trip $20 in fuel. Ongoing maintenance of boat (10k/yr).  20 to boat.
Wharf is recreational vessels only and limited to 8m.
Could pick up people from S Auckland there.

  • Generate a list of other wharfs where you could tie up.

Millie: experience was valuable. everything is not geared to shipping cargo at this time. When we are training we need to keep in mind our ultimate goal.

  • What could be our next trip?
    • Thames takes 1/2 day trip so would need to be overnight – tidal.
    • Coromandel – also overnight, or very long day. – tidal.

Process of setting up a Trust.

Why are we setting up a trust?

The project is a not for profit enterprise providing the social good of sail training and boat building education for young people in Waiheke and the Hauraki Gulf. We will be seeking sponsorship, donations, and other sources of funding and therefore require charitable trust status to allow us to receive tax deductible donations and to ensure good management best practice and oversight.

Name: Waiheke Working Sail Charitable Trust

Other names may be used for publicity and more specific products and services provided by WWS.

Possible trustees:  Andrew, Bernard, Alex, Mike Delamore. – Others to be approached.

Incorporation of trustees as a board – to companies office.

Registration as a charity with charities commission (tax exemption).

* Bernard to collate paperwork and Millie to put documents online for approval and editing.

Review of Buy or Build.

Bernard – thoughts on buying second hand.
Was talking to Ted Ewbank – Naval Architect.  Designer of Rough as guts – not a good reputation.   Breeze does not have stability requirement to carry passengers outside of internal gulf. We need a design that meets the necessary stability.
Most of the bargains around do not have shoal draught.   So building still seems our most likely option.

Bernard’s design is evolving after conversations in the Bay of islands and with Architect.
Progress is now limited by lack of funds.  We will apply for $5000 to New Hope Trust (Recycling centre).  – Bernard to do this, Alex to help.

Expenses. – Bernard can hold monies for the project,  Can incur expenses up to $500 assuming funds are available, keeping receipts.  Larger sums by agreement from the committee.
The group will set up a bank account with shared access by the committee.

General discussion about tall ships and competitive ships and suitability for the Gulf.

Rotary Presentation

Monday 25th June at the Surfdale Bowling Club at 6.45pm, have dinner, club business and the the speaker would talk for around 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions.

* Next Meeting May 27th 15:00  At 37 Makora Ave, Oneroa.