Winter Newsletter


The “Kate” sits snug in her berth between the houseboats while the winter rain and gales come and go, precluding work on the exterior. The re-built stern is almost finished, and the mast and spars await funding to complete them in the Boating Club tent.


The money ran out, fortunately our apprentices found other work under cover in Half Moon Bay Marina. This is nearly finished, meanwhile we have accumulated sufficient funds to re-start work, but need much more to make good progress. We await the result of a funding application to COGS, in the past they have given about half of what we asked for.


Auckland City have ‘required’ us to apply for a resource consent to continue work where we are. Fortunately the Local Board offered to fund the cost of this (estimated $5,000) and their grant has been approved. All the paperwork has been done (thanks to Bruce Scott, our treasurer) and we now await Auckland City paying the money so we can put the application in.


The twin lead keels have been moved off the beach to Bill’s section, we weighed them on the way and have balanced them to find their centre of gravity. Together they are just over a tonne, precisely what we wanted! Bernard is presently doing drawings and calculations to find the size of keel bolts and the surrounding structure needed. A drawing of the new rudder has also been done, these will be sent to our naval architect for plan approval.

Long-term planning

We are presently applying for funding for a manager’s contract for Robin Kenyon, our newest Trustee. Robin is well qualified, having professionally skippered classic gaff-rigged super yachts. His CV is on our website. If successful he will begin taking over next January, as we rig the “Kate”, fit her out and begin sea trials and crew training.

The job of gaining certification under the new Marine Operator Safety System has been taken on by our Trustee Mike Delamore, who has considerable experience in this field as well as holding a NZ Offshore Master Unlimited ticket and being a RYA Ocean Yachtmaster examiner, among other qualifications.


Can you help?

We are ready to make further progress as soon as finance becomes available. The repair work is finished, from now on it’s adapting the old ship to her new role as a youth training ship.

It’s an ever faster-changing world that our young people are facing, so the importance of offering them all the opportunities for character development and closeness to Nature is greater then ever.

Several of our supporters have committed to regular monthly automatic payments, ranging from $10 to $50, which are a very efficient way of helping. Would you consider this? Our bank account number is 38-9014-0889139-00.

The funding we receive from donor organisations is restricted to specific expenses and strictly accountable; we also need funds that are flexible, to do deals and snap up bargains as they arise. (I recently bought all the anchor warp we need for $40 at a garage sale!) One-off donations of any size are all very welcome, you can also use our ‘Give a Little’ button on the website, Our next fund-raising event is likely to be an auction of donated paintings, art, valuable bric-a-brac, possibly with dinner and entertainment, presently in the early stages of planning. If you have any objets d’art you’d like to pass on to be loved again, please contact Christine Orchard on 372 7423, email

Roll on summer!

Best wishes, Bernard.