Illustration of the kate under sail

Built in 1898 on the Kaipara Harbour, KATE is one of only three surviving examples of her type, the sailing workboats that played a vital part in the pioneering development of New Zealand. She embodies a unique part of our heritage.

She was a fast boat, reputedly a frequent winner of her class in the Dargaville regatta races.

In 1911 an engine was fitted, and she was employed towing kauri logs out to sailing ships for export. Later she was a fishing boat, then a yacht and for many years a houseboat on Waiheke Island.

When the Trust found her she was on the brink of ruin, teetering between life and death. But she was soundly built, planked in kauri on grown pohutukawa frames. Her fine lines shone through more than a century of hard work and mistreatment.


Derelict Kate as purchased
Derelict Kate as purchased

Encouraged by a world-wide movement towards restoring classic vessels and returning them to service, the Trust decided to buy her.


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